Story and photos by Paul Scorza
My wife (and kids) think I am nuts.
My “fleet” ranges from 10-14 boats depending on when you catch me.  I have loved boats since I was a little kid.  Below is a pic of a 1960 Glasspar, owned by family friends, in 1969 with me riding in it on the Hudson River in Red Hook, NY.  
I loved boats then as I do now, and boats from that time period hold a special place in my heart.  Hence the reason all the boats I buy and restore are from those years of growing up on the river. 
My first restoration was when I graduated from college and wanted my own boat.  I loved Sea Rays from when we used to visit lake George every summer and the lake was full of them.  I found a 1970 Sea Ray, 24ft cuddly full of tomato plants in a field.  I bought it and proceeded to restore it over the next 9 months.  I used it for a few years and then traded it for a newer boat.  We then always had a family boat for the wife and kids.

My next restoration was many years later when my dad passed away and I needed something to keep busy.  He loved Chris Crafts, so I figured why not find one that needs restoring and take it from there.  I restored a 22ft 1955 Continental which I still have and will always have.  I named it after my dad. 

Next, I actually found that exact yellow boat in the picture below from 1969 rotting away in an owner’s backyard and offered to buy it.  I restored it and still have it.  That really got me going on finding old boats and bringing them back to life.  Sometimes I sell a few of them, but mostly I have my favorites and keep them.  They have to be seaworthy and run, as every one of my boats goes out for a cruise at least a few times a year.

Below is a picture taken on a day when the whole fleet was afloat. It looks like a lot of friends and family having lots of fun!

“My favorite thing to do is go out with my wife and take a nice early evening cruise on one of my restored oldies.”
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shelton replied the topic: #147763 1 week 2 days ago
Lighting company used on Wacanda boats? I'm stalled on identifying the "art yard" boat "Starfire" I purchased but I haven't given up and want to learn more. The bow light is missing. Does anyone know what kind of lights were used on Wacanda boats? Perko? I've viewed all the pictures of Wacanda boats (late 50's) on this site. Thanks. Shelton
shelton replied the topic: #147737 1 week 5 days ago
I contacted the state boat registration agency with the registration /number on the boat but the records only go back 10 years. I posted pictures that appear at bottom of this thread. I reviewed all the library information about Wacanda and I really think it is an a Wacanda made in early 60's. I know the company doesn't exist anymore. I have reviewed everything on this site and iBoats so I'm hoping folks with any information see this. Such a beautiful boat.
63 Sabre's Avatar
63 Sabre replied the topic: #147736 1 week 5 days ago
Not much info in the library. Does it have a registration number on the bow area. If so you might be able to trace it through the state.
shelton replied the topic: #147734 1 week 5 days ago
I'm new to this site. I need help identifying this "yard art" find on a hill near the Clinch River/lake in E. TN. "Starfire" emblem on each side, no hull ID that I can find. 14ft 4 inches long. Port side steering (pully system), 2 seats in front, ?bench seat rear. No outboard motor. Pale blue color with white stripe on top bow, 3 windshield metal pieces, glass missing. 5 or 6 bullet holes above water line. Is this a Wacanda? What year? What kind of motor and hp would have been used. Restorable? Any help appreciated. I have pics if I can figure out how to post.
57SportLido's Avatar
57SportLido replied the topic: #147678 1 month 3 days ago
Terrific article!
I'm from Orange county NY. My love of boating was also born on the Hudson.
Doug Reeve's Avatar
Doug Reeve replied the topic: #147658 1 month 1 week ago
Not sure about Glastron, but Hull Identification Numbers were not required by law until 1972. It may not have one.
raquette replied the topic: #147657 1 month 1 week ago
Does anyone know where Glastron would put there serial number on a '68 GT160?
jcupples replied the topic: #147420 3 months 2 weeks ago
I am looking for someone that would have some knowledge on Sea Sprite boats. My title says it is a 1972 14ft with no model type. I would love to understand what model it is. I rebuilt it and I am totally in love with it and just want to understand what I have. Thanks
jeheiderich's Avatar
jeheiderich replied the topic: #147273 5 months 3 days ago
Boats were made in Miami Fl late 60"s only made for a year or two. They were made for the resort industry and rental industry mainly.
they had a 5 1/2 hp Johnson outboard engine converted to a inboard under the hood. the hole you are talking about is for the pull cord, only forward. I had two recently sold them. one was orginial the other I converted to electric by replacing the rudder with a trolling motor. hope this helps
baron757 replied the topic: #147250 5 months 5 days ago
What is procedure for uploading Brochures?
owens owner's Avatar
owens owner replied the topic: #147248 5 months 6 days ago
I'm after some letters that say " OWENS'' for my 1961 Owens runabout. Any help would be appreciated.
Doug Routly
Doug Reeve's Avatar
Doug Reeve replied the topic: #147240 5 months 1 week ago
The first MFG boats were made in a mold taken right off a Lyman hull. replied the topic: #147238 5 months 1 week ago
I recently listed a 1960 MFG boat for sale on Boat Trader. I indicated it is a 15' "Erie" model MFG boat. I am not certain of this and ask the membership that may be familiar with MFG boats open the Boat Trader listing for my boat and confirm whether it is an Erie or another model. It is identical in design to a 15" Lyman of that vintage and looks as though Lyman was used in its design. Thanks.
Jaybird replied the topic: #147152 6 months 1 week ago
Does anyone have any information on a Trailorboat "Monte Carlo" built in 1963? I can't find it listed on Trailorboat's list of models they built.
Jaybird replied the topic: #147151 6 months 1 week ago
63 Sabre's Avatar
63 Sabre replied the topic: #147007 7 months 1 week ago
I really don't recall any emblem on the side of the boat. the '58 had emblems on the fins but not the '59. Therre are some pictures on the net of 58s but are labeled as 59s.
If you are restoring or modifying, I have hundreds of pictures of my rebuild that I can share.
The glove box cover is like hens teeth along with the cigarette pack holder but there are guys here that can help. I don't know if Don is still hanging around here but he's a go to guy for the Herters.
wostrow's Avatar
wostrow replied the topic: #147003 7 months 1 week ago
Hi everybody, we are trying to find accessories for a 1959 Herter's Flying Fish specifically the Herters emblems for the sides of the boat and glove a compartment cover. If anybody knows of a custom shop that can replicate those items, any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
famouscraft replied the topic: #146968 7 months 2 weeks ago
I am trying to locate any owners of Famous Craft, Famous Craft by Rinker, Goshen, IN boats. molded plywood from 1950s. please contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
boatracer replied the topic: #146915 7 months 3 weeks ago
Wanted fisher pierce ,bearcat ,homelite outboards or parts looking were the molds or tooling went to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. thanks Dwight
Doug Reeve's Avatar
Doug Reeve replied the topic: #146675 10 months 4 days ago
Pre 1972 boats were not required to have a hull id number, so there may very well not be any numbers anywhere on the boat.
Fatlenny's Avatar
Fatlenny replied the topic: #146674 10 months 4 days ago
photos of the boat will help alot here.
Jimboob1 replied the topic: #146673 10 months 4 days ago
New guy here ! first of all thanks for letting me join the group ! I'm right full of questions. I have just bought a Fabuglas boat and need help with the Model and year . The tag reads for the Model # F And the serial # is 68 13802. Cant find any numbers stamped into the hull any where . So i cant get it registered at this time.. HELP !! if you can any infor or directions to help would be really apprated!! Thanks
SilverFox replied the topic: #146621 10 months 2 weeks ago
Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I previously owned a 1959 Cruisers Inc 14' runabout, but today I purchased my first fiberglass boat!

It is a 1960's Hydro-Mite.
I have been searching online for more information on how to determine the year and model, however I have not been able to find to much other then some pictures and a picture of an old magazine article.

Should these boats have a VIN somewhere on them?
If so, any suggestions on where to look?
The Registration number on the side indicates it was from Missouri.

The motor was removed as it was sitting in a barn and not sure if it is seized and I need a new one or if it can be repaired. I haven't confirm yet which make it was or the HP.

The boat seems to also be missing a lever to change gear from idle to forward as there seems to be a hole to the left of the steering wheel but nothing is there.

Is there anyone who might have parts or know where to get them?

The gas tank is also missing so that will need to be replaced.
I am guessing a standard outboard gas tank that is secured down would work?

If anyone could help with how to determine the year and model as well as any other info or experience they have had working on Hydro-Mites I would be very appreciative.

I am location just west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Attached are a few pictures of the boat.
Shake's Avatar
Shake replied the topic: #146134 1 year 1 month ago
And there is no cure for it either lol, the more storage space you have the worse it will be! replied the topic: #146050 1 year 2 months ago
i am new to the site... currently own a 1969 Cutter with a re-powered 1976 Mercury 1750.. I would like to find out as much information as possible as to the history of my boat. The motor is easy to find information but hard to find any history/info on the boat. will publish pictures shortly

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